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Energy Beings having a human encounter on a voyage concerning a personal or professional perception for positive spiritual



As a Holistic Life Coach my purpose is to co-facilitate with you to unearth your true potential, and support you to lead a life that is worth celebrating. Helping you make essential improvements in your life is my focus. I provide encouragement to you when you are in the transforming phase of managing pressing issues that stand in the way of you achieving your goals. Whether you want Holistic life coaching help achieving a specific outcome or wish to enhance all areas of your life, I can help you get there faster.

I have utilized a number of holistic modalities in support of my own personal and professional growth from the emotional consequence of military sexual trauma. Holistic Coaching offered continued emotional support, when I needed a different treatment approach.




"People with histories of trauma, toxic stress, and adversity are not generally dealing with the consequences of acuity. Instead they are dealing with the consequences of having multiple systems effecting each other, creating changes in body, behavior, social/emotional, and spiritual aspects of life" according to Dr Robert Rhoton.


Also Dr. Robert Rhoton, Most of us were trained from a Pathogenic not Salutogenic prospective in college programs and common clinical practice.


Attributes of Pathogenesis 

• Disease-centric • Paternalistic (power and control from the top down) • Curative (fixing a problem) • Fixing discrete “broken” parts • Authority figures, professionals possess a sense of entitlement • Lower levels of collaboration and transparency about process or expectation • Business and billing - efficiency-minded • Absence of pain is equal to good health Dr. Robert Rhoton

(of a bacterium, virus, or other microorganism) causing disease." a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus" by Oxford Dictionaries 

Attributes of Salutogenesis

 Body & Health • Food access • Clean water • Toxin exposure • Health • Movement and fitness • Stress management Behavior • Sleep • Relaxation • Movement and fitness • Alcohol and drugs Social/Emotional • Intimacy • Empathy • Compassion • Social supports • Sex • Family • Friends Spiritual • Meaning and purpose • Belief/Faith • Love • Kindness • Awareness Dr. Robert Rhoton Economic • Housing and living • Income and finances • Literacy, education, jobs • Access to training Systems • Family • Extended kin • Community • Cultural identity • Legal

Vision Statement


Co-facilitate with you to recognize Underlying Core trauma Issues linked to lack of self-care that prevent you from achieving any daily results or life goals using mind, body, and spirit holistic concepts. 




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