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I have used frequencies, sounds, vibrational energies, and meditation for my personal and professional  growth, off and on, for many years. Initially, I did not believe, I would get any benefits from using the techniques, I was wrong. The benefit was learning about my Energy Field, and Charkas.



I discovered, several building blocks that’s important for constant movement of positive energy interrelated with my Charkas:

  • Turning the chatter off within my head.
  • Turning off my internal TV screen of past events that were unresolved.
  • Letting go of all old habits, to have room so new habits can be born and thrive
  • Being more open to teachable moments in life, without judgement.
  • Being in the "here and Now" moments is a process


Sylvia Snyder,

MA., BA., CHt.,  Certified Natural Health Consultant, Certified Mindfulness Coach,

Professional Relationship Coach, Non-Denominational Clergy


Mission Statement




Creating a world where... our inner-self is loved, accepted and have a sense of balance.


UP LIFT, LLC, Professional Coaching Service’s, aspire to assist you with establishing a foundation to deal with nonconstructive negative energy that block dreams, hopes, and desires.

In support of you expressing your distinctiveness by way of  meditation, frequencies, vibrations, sounds, hypnotherapy,and mindfulness methods.



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