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The Chakras Explained & How to Balance Them

The 7 chakras are the main energy centers of the body. These energy centers or spinning vortexes of energy that run from the base of your spine up to the top of the head. Your spirit body is made of energy and it moves and connects to your mental body and your physical body. I am sure you have heard of the phrase mind/body/spirit. You have a mental body, a physical body, and a spirit or etheric body. They all connect. The 7 chakras can get blocked by physical mental or spiritual problems. Like trauma, negativity in life, or other people’ energy. Let’s talk about each of these 7 chakras and how you can unblock them yourself. It will require both mental & physical effort on your part. This process of unblocking needs to be worked on over your lifetime to keep the energies flowing. Do these exercises daily or at least as often as you can.




Beginners Guide to Chakras - Everything You Need to Know About Chakras




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