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MA.,BA., CHt., CNHP., Professional Coach., Non-denominational Clergy, Mindfulness Practitioner  



Sylvia Snyder is a CEO of UP LIFT, LLC Professional Relationship Coaching Service. I stand alongside other Professional Coaches in providing quality service. My coaching focus is coaching clients through their entrance of improving moments toward experiencing “here and Now” minute to minute awareness from distressing perceptions. Transpersonal mindset is the framework my curriculum is developed from using Mantras, Mindfulness, Meditation, Frequency and Vibrations sound techniques. My niche is working with other veterans and women (who have completed a PTSD program) who have experience difficulties in finding balance within from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I offer clients self-pace programs of transformation created with their input from start to completion. 

I’m a veteran with PTSD as a result several traumatic incidents. I want to share how any one can improve their life by way of frequencies and vibrational sounds.  Material used in development of UPLIFT, LLC services, are the same curriculum I have used with managing my PTSD  effects. It has put me on a journey of self-compassion, self- responsibility, improved esteem, and inner peace.     

I served 14 ½ years in the US Army as a Behavior Science Specialist specializing in Drug and Alcohol Treatment., as a Counselor for Active duty members and their dependents, Government workers with substance abuse problems. I have a Masters-of-Arts in Organization, Management and Development, Bachelor of Arts with Social Work/Sociology curriculum, A Non-Denominational Clergy, Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, a Certified Natural Health Professional, and Mindfulness Practitioner.

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