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Emotions can sabotage all of our efforts to heal or be well because they make the equation impossible to solve: body (physical) + mind (emotional) + spirit (spiritual) = whole healthy person.  It is necessary to learn of the direct and indirect relationships emotions have with physical organs and overall health.

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My Personal Story


Everything, I ever asked for the Universe has giving me using frequency, sound, vibrations and mantra meditation techniques. I used the techniques as coping mechanism which help me through many very stressful personal and professional events and still use the techniques. 

While sitting in the hospital with Mother, in middle of May, 2017. I received a call from a family member experiencing a personal incident. Earlier that morning, I text a one seed mantra and a mantra meditation, and a solfeggio frequency song for her to meditate upon. The process is to relax the inner-self and prepare the mind, body, and spirit for what is to come, inner quietness by focusing on her intent she wanted to manifest. 

I explained that sometimes you can listen to several songs and different mantras to find the right one that speaks to her internal-self and she can listen to them while at home, work, or mostly anywhere and anytime. This is crucial when preparing the inner-self for calmness to meditation( press the pause bottom of noise within her conscious state). 

Another process, I shared in order for her to sustain her “intent” before, during, and after the mantra meditation procedure, she needed to understand her emotions and be able to express her feelings effectively. It is an important component to identify your emotional state so it is easy to peel away negative blockage surrounding her intention. 

To make a long story short, she got an interview and later hired by a federal agency.


My Professional Story




Coping Techniques for Unmanageable Energy

Frequency, Sound, Vibration

Mantra Meditation

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