Sylvia Snyder is US Army, Disabled veteran, and the CFO/CEO/Owner of Esteemed Knack, LLC- Her focus is on supporting individuals and/or groups with meeting their personal or professional goals, by way of improvement of their mental wellbeing concept. Sylvia’s worldview of Holistic Lifestyle Coaching has:

•Foundational educational components that can help individuals and/or groups let go of outdated concepts that no longer work for potential aspirations.
Help individuals and/or groups find their purpose in this lifetime.
Become more aware of the impact of how thoughts, feelings and behaviors affect the mind, body, spirit and soul.

My professional background is in the field of Substance Addiction. In 1978, she enlisted into the US Army as a PV2(had 2 years of ROTC with Norfolk State university, in Virginia prior to her enlistment).  Training received from the US Army consisted of:

Professional Soldier/Noncommissioned Officer (Private First Class to Sergeant-E5(p) Conduct daily business of the Army within established orders, directives, and policies; concentrated on square’s individual training which developed the capabilities to accomplish the mission( provide input to the schedule for individual skills training, conduct tram training, supervise daily events as required by training schedule); involved  with training individual soldiers and teams;  concentrated on standards of performance, training, and professional development  of other NCOs and enlisted personnel within the company when conducting educational class and physical training( explained clearly what I expected from the soldiers, conduct special training to correct training weaknesses, trained according to the soldier‘s manuals and other training literature);
Behavior Science Specialist(91GZ) Specialized in Alcohol and Drug Addiction-Managed an ongoing case load of 80 civilians and military clients. Performed pre-screening, intake interviews, and assessments. Develop preliminary problem list. Assess rehabilitation and referral needs. Identify primary and secondary problems. Identify treatment process, and treatment goals. Select therapeutic approaches consistent with treatment goals. Reviewed and modify treatment plans as needed. Monitor and assess progress. Incorporated substance abuse education into the treatment process. Managed weekly group and individual counseling sessions. Develop and implement discharge and treatment plans Document the treatment plan. Prepare written clinical case notes. Prepare required clinical forms. Determine the nature and extent of crisis. Conduct Urine test on appropriate clients. Set priorities. Determine intervention strategy and Identify resources. Evaluate and follow-up the strategy. Provided formal case presentations to staff. Consult with other health care professionals. Consult with commander and/or supervisor on initial disposition. Consult with commander and/or supervisor on termination of treatment. Manage urine testing program within the command.
I am a huge advocate of Transpersonal Psychology and passionately support the concept of “Energy beings living a human experience.”
My coaching foundation is of a Professional Relationship Coach, and I retained my certification from Relationship Coaching Institution from 2015-2016.
I have a Masters-of-Arts Degree in Organization, Management, and Development-Leadership Course received in August 2011 from Fielding Graduate institute in Santa Barbara, CA and a Bachelor- of- Arts- Degree in Sociology/Social Work Curriculum received in July 1995 from Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina.
I am no stranger with supporting clients through severe life difficulties and having worked 41 years in the field of Addiction as:
(1).  an Addiction Counselor while on active duty from 1980- 1992, (2). a Clinician Assistant, in the Community Service Board of City of Portsmouth, Green Street Residential Substance Abuse Treatment facility. (3). an Educator/Therapist with the Community Services Board City of Virginia Beach Comprehensive Substance Abuse Program. (4). a Counselor II, Substance Abuse Specialist with the Suffolk Western Tidewater Community Service Board, (5).  an In-Home/TJ Substance Abuse Counselor, with the Tidewater Regional Group Home Commission, (6). Clinical Social Worker, Supervised Substance Abuse Therapeutic Community at Indian Creek Correctional Center, in Chesapeake, Virginia, and (7). an Addiction Therapist with Drug Abuse Program-(residential) at Hampton VA Medical Center in Hampton, Virginia which has taught her the importance helping clients move through the stages of change with positive life outcomes. 
Prior to me starting my company, I was treated and diagnosed by the Hampton VA Medical Center, Mental Health department with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Major depression, chronic. As a result of this, diagnoses I could no longer work in her field of addiction, as of 2014. In 2015, I went into the field of Coaching after seeking more outpatient treatment from the Mental Health Department in Hampton, VA with no success. This is when Esteemed Knack, LLC Holistic Coaching Effects of Trauma was created.




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